Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I like listening to the sound you make
When you are fast asleep
Then you snort when you awake
Off the bed, you take a leap
You mosey to your special chair
Attentively you look out the door
When you see something you raise your hair
Your bark so strongly it sounds like a roar
It’s funny how you think your tough
But, it’s a battle you always lose
Being tenacious is pretty rough
Within minutes you start to snooze

Lonely Street

Forgot who she was deep down to the core
Always wanting and constantly taking more
Got lost in material the life
Nothing less would suffice
It was  all for the show
Deep down she would always know
She had become someone else
Needed to find herself
Find herself, again
So many mistakes to mend
The road would be long
If she could stay strong
Get up on her own two feet
Or else she would be heading down a lonely street
Facing her biggest fear
Hoping the end was near
She had to remember who she used to be
It was the only way to set her free
Hoping everything will be fine
But no, no it will take time

Sweet November

The butterflies, I still remember
That sweet November
The air was crisp with a chill
Oh, how I remember it still
I trembled as I walked down the aisle
I felt at ease when I saw you smile
I planned that day especially for you
The day I finally got to say, “I do”
Everyone joined us to support our love
Our angels watched over us from up above
The best day of my life
The day I became your wife
What a beautiful day
Dancing the night away
Oh, how I will always remember
That sweet November